Thursday, April 23, 2009

Episode 33 - Best of (Your town here)

April 23, 2009
Episode 33 - Best of (Your town here)

Saskatoon’s weekly arts & entertainment magazine Planet S released their reader’s poll “Best of Saskatoon” this week, so I looked at many of the great Canadian weeklies and some of their past “Best Bands” lists:

1. All the money I had is gone - Deep Dark Woods* (Saskatoon)
2. Lorelei - United Steel Workers of Montreal (Montreal)
3. Mendoza Line (Oh Caroline) - The Dudes (Calgary)
4. Mutiny, I promise you - New Pornographers (Vancouver)
5. Relative Surplus Value - The Weakerthans (Winnipeg)
6. Betrayal Pt. 1 - Rah Rah (Regina)
7. Actors - In Flight Safety (Halifax)
8. Ontario Plates - Do Make Say Think (Toronto)
9. Oh Dead Life - Dog Day (Halifax)
10. Let it all show - The Sheepdogs* (Saskatoon)
11. Son the Father - Fucked Up (Toronto)
*Local Saskatoon Artist

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