Thursday, April 16, 2009

Billy Bob can have his gravy. And stuff it too.

Most of you will be aware of Billy Bob Thornton's ridiculously childish tirade on live CBC radio last week (if you haven't seen it, click here).

BBT didn't want to talk about movies. Fine. However, there is almost no way anyone would have heard/heard of/give a rat's ass about this band if it didn't contain a certain jackass that people know from movies. If he doesn't realise that, or has somehow convinced himself that such is the case, it just furthers the idea that he is not quite right in his thinking parts. And really, (CBC host) Jian Ghomeshi, who, by the way, handled himself like a pro, didn't really ASK him much about being an actor. He merely put into context the sole reason for this band to be on his show.

The suggestion that The Boxmasters are registering some sort of exciting new sound to the rabid masses is a complete farce, what with it having been done for decades. And sure, there's something to be said for revivalism in music, but who does (enter prefix here)billy music better than The Sadies? They have been doing this for over a decade. Now, where do those boys come from? Hmmmm.. Oh right. Canada.

How's that for gravy, Billy Bob?

That's all the ranting I have for now. Tune in next time, when I tear into Fox News for dissing Canada's military. Actually, making fun of Fox News might be redundant in itself. But you wait, I'll find something incendiary that someone said about Canada.. somewhere.

- the Jay of Spades

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